An Outline – Moving forward

First of all happy Father’s Day to all the dads at the gym. The month of September I am looking at taking a slightly different approach to the weekly programming. The main purpose of any good programme is to increase work capacity across a variety of different modes and times. So far I believe I have been doing this well.

The next step is to get people accountable to themselves and in order to do this we need data as a starting point.

Starting this month you will see 2 bench marks in the form of girls, hero or special WODs per week. We will do 1rms, and skill pieces aimed at building capacity for workouts to enhance the “enjoyability” factor.

In addition Wednesday’s will be a conditioning piece only at the start of the session with a mobility WOD towards the back end. This is something that everyone can look to improve.

If anyone has any questions please let me know via emailing I’ll see you all throughout the week.

Enjoy your Sunday night







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