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I love nothing more than having the gym full of people, the atmosphere and the buzz around the place makes me want to come to work every day.  However, please be mindful that during scheduled class times (CrossFit/Cell/Barbell/CrossFit Kids) this is not an opportunity for open gym.  Class numbers vary,  and equipment and space can sometimes be sparse. Not to mention perhaps a distraction for the athletes in class.

Whilst I am happy for people to want to come in when they can, and work on their weaknesses, do some mobility or practice workouts for upcoming comps, this however needs to be pre-arranged with myself. Sometimes scheduled group times don’t work for everyone, I understand that, I am happy to accommodate for those outside class times.
The gym operates between these hours 7:00-12:00 & 3:30pm – 5:30pm & Saturdays from 8-9am and you are welcome to attend open gym without prior arrangement during these times.

A few friendly reminders while I’ve got your attention.

  • Out of courtesy to the coach on duty and those others in class – please don’t talk during a brief. This is my number one pet hate.
  • As the gym gets busier as mentioned above all the more reason to book in to classes via Mindbody. There will come a time where class numbers may be capped and will be mandatory to book in.  It allows our coaches to best modify classes in advance based on warmups, equipment and skill levels.
  • Hand chalk is NOT to be used to write reps/lines on the ground, I’m happy for you to record this during a workout – there is chalk near the blackboard that can be used. I came in on Monday morning and thought we had be broken into and people vandalised the gym with hand chalk it was everywhere. Please keep it in the buckets. I will endeavour to get bigger ones this week.
  • Please don’t pack up your gear before the end of a workout/ or before the coach says so. If you were having a dinner party i’d hope you wouldn’t just leave the table whilst people have yet to finish their dinner. It’s the same thing. If you have to leave due to work commitments I understand that let one of the coaches know. 
  • Lastly, PLEASE tidy up your areas…. (put weights away, tidy up spilt chalk, wipe sweat off equipment).

I hate having to write these posts as I’m very laid back.  However in order to harvest a positive culture within the gym/box I need everyone on board with these few little rules.

Thats it from me. See you in the gym!

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