A Coaches View – 28/2/18

As the dust settles on the first CrossFit open workout 18.1 there is a sea of mixed emotions around the CrossFit community none more evident than in our own backyard especially mine. Relief, fear, satisfaction, disappointment, excitement, anxiety just some of the emotions that come to mind leading into the workouts (yes i can see you all noding as you are reading this). If you don’t feel any of these you are not human.

The CrossFit Open is a strange beast that lends itself to many questions. Why couldn’t I get the score I wanted? I thought I could have beaten XYZ, I don’t think I’m ready to compete!!   Guess what?? You are. As humans we always tend to compare ourselves to someone else no matter what the situation. Houses, Cars, Finance, Family life, holidays, Job/career, Happiness, instagram followers, likes on FB and our own fitness and the gym environment is no different. Happiness comes from not comparing yourself to anyone.

What gives a person the right to think they are better than someone else in a workout?? Or the right to think you should achieve a certain score or lift a certain weight. There are sooooo many factors that come into play that people don’t take into account. Training Intensity, biological age, training age, sex, consistency, nutrition, sleep, stress, workloads, injuries are just some to name a few and everyone is different, no two people are the same. Stop comparing. Just do the best you can at the present time.

Check Your reflection

Every now and then we need a reality check. The mirror of truth gives you the exact results for the effort and work you have put in.  Unless you didn’t try don’t be disappointed. To quote one of my favourite speakers – Eric Thomas

“You’re already in pain – so get a reward from it”

I was going to attempt the workout a second time and even a third time and then I thought why? I am only re-doing the workout again to possibly boost my own ego in an attempt to beat others whom I compare myself to in our box and others to or whom whom I thought I should beat. Ask yourselves – Have I put in the hours of training required to achieve the score I wanted? Have I done all the little things right like dial in my nutrition or work on mobility. Have I done extras like skill pieces or simple intervals.  Have I turned up to class a minimum of 3 times a week.  Don’t lose sight to reasons you walk into the gym each day and started in the first place.  Think of that first class where the thrill of finishing a workout was enough to keep you coming back. Don’t brush off someone else’s hardwork they might have worked their butt off for their results.

Look to whats important in our current lives not in the past nor think too much of the future. Compare you to you and aim to be better each day.

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