An “Open” thought from a coach

4 down, 1 to go!!!

The Open – What does it mean to you?

 As 19.5 approaches, this weeks workout will be released in less than four days there are mixed emotions in the air, (nervousness, anxiety, excitement , dread) no matter how you are feeling at this time, remember why you CrossFit you have one to go, give it your all. 

 This 5 weeks of competition, is the best measurement of our current fitness level, and gives us a benchmark to work towards no matter what your goals are. I love the Open as it highlights what i’ve done or more importantly what I haven’t done. Have I listened to the coaches when they have said go heavier on the strength pieces or go lighter on the short fast met cons? 

If you have scaled a movement in class, and used an RX weight in the open, stick with it in class moving forward, you will reap the benefits long term. Listen to the coaches as they explain the intent of each and every workout. Listen as they explain the “plan of attack” for each WOD. And try to execute in the way prescribed. 

Every year we seem to hear the same things around the gym, and you’ll hear a familiar saying from the coaches..“ the mirror of truth” What does that mean for you? How has your training in the past 6-12 months been reflected in your results in the Open. 

Are you disappointed in your results? If so what could you have done differently? What extras do you need to do to ensure these same feelings don’t arise again later this year.

Maybe this is your first Open, and you have been wondering what you’ve got yourself into…? We are 4 weeks in now, and there is no turning back.. soooo

Listen to your coaches.

Turn up to every session (Don’t cherry pick the “hard workouts”) or the boring shitty ones. These are designed to get you better.

Trust the process.

And remember, CrossFit is a journey, and for some it take years to master the complex movements, don’t be so hard on yourself if you’re not at a level that you thought you should be. Just refocus and reset and work your ass off. 

 For the next week, don’t stress about the movements that “may” come up in the workout, just give it your best shot, you’ve got plenty of time to work on weaknesses moving forward. Fitness is a life long journey not a race.

Bring on 19.5! What have for us this you got week…?

Thruster? Deadlifts? Chest to Bar? Shoulder to Overhead? 

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