First Timers Comp Hacks Checklist

Ok, we are less than one week out from one of the first local CrossFit Comps (Allstar Alliance team series)

Even for the seasoned competition veteran it brings a little nerves, angst, fear of the unknown and feelings of not wanting to let your teammates down.

To reduce the stress of a competition it is important that you are prepared in advance. Below are some comp hacks to ensure your day/days go to plan and allows you to focus on your workouts

1. Stay hydrated

Ensuring that the body is well hydrated is very important not just on the day of competition but in days leading up to the comp. Hydration allows your body to work properly by regulating temperature, removing waste (lactate) and lubricating joints to name a few. In the days leading into the comp try and consume 2-3 litres per day. The night before don’t drink too much before bed as it may cause broken sleep due to having to pee.

The morning of competition have a water bottle at the ready from the time you wake and sip constantly – DO NOT SKULL. My general rule is that if your urine is a clear colour you are pretty well hydrated

Also have a Powerade, Gatorade or any electrolyte drink on the ready for post WODs as they help maintain water balance, and replace minerals that lost through sweat is great for reducing the risk of cramps as it replenishes sodium.

2. Nutrition

It is important that you are well fed the night prior and throughout competition. The night before is not the time to reduce carbs in order to look your leanest without a shirt on. Carbs and fats are a CrossFitters life blood before and during a comp. Foods like Meats, sweet potato, avocado and are great pre comp meal and can definitely been eaten throughout the day. Don’t expect a vendor with your favourite Paleo treats if any food at the venue at all. The last thing you want to do is have to leave to find food or have to settle for a greasy burger because you haven’t any food prepared. The following foods are great and aren’t a big meal

– Bananas

– Almonds

– Boiled Eggs

– Olives

– Rice cakes

– Peanut butter

– Allen’s Snakes (essentials πŸ™‚

3. Pack the night before

It’s your first competition, multiple WODs over multiple days. Be prepared for anything and more importantly things to go wrong.

The last thing you want to do is be running around 5 minutes you are about to leave home looking for your knee sleeves or hand wraps or having to find a chemist in between WODs that sells tape because your torn your hands. Pack your gym bag the night before. Things to think of packing are:

– Hand Wraps

– Knee Sleeves

– Spare clothes (incl underwear) nothing worse than a tank smelling crotch. Your team mates will disassociate themselves from you.

– Strapping tape

– Oly Shoes

– Rock Tape or Kinesiology tape

– Scissors (first aid type)

– Snacks

– Skipping rope

– Deodorant

Hopefully this gives the first timers a little insight on what to bring, what to eat and what to pack to ensure your comp runs smoothly. The most import thing is you have fun and enjoy yourself.

Coach Innes

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