Saturday 14/9/19….Twinning

WOD 1 “Takes two to Tango”

8 rounds (alternating full rounds with partner)
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs OR Burpee Box Step Overs (24/20”)
6 DB Front Squats 20/15kg
8 DB Shoulder to Overhead

8 min cap
1 min rest

At 9 minute mark, Part 2 begins…

Part 2:
3 min Max Deadlifts 100/70kg
30 seconds each athlete

WOD 2 “Maverick & Goose”

21 Synchro PU
10 Squat Cleans (60/45kg – 40/30kg)
18 Synchro PU
8 Squat Cleans (70/50kg – 50/35kg)
15 Synchro PU
6 Squat Cleans (80/55kg – 60/40kg)
12 Synchro PU
4 Squat Cleans (90/65kg – 70/50kg
9 Synchro PU
2 Squat Cleans (100/70kg – 80/55kg)

WOD’s courtesy of Tropic Thunder Twins Comp 2019 (some variations applied)

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