An Open Wrap up

The 2020 open has come and just as quickly gone for the second time this year. The CrossFit open see’s 100’s of thousands compete to test their fitness against some of the worlds best over 5 weeks. Throughout the week, anticipation of the open WOD builds until its release at 10:00am friday morning.

This buildup created must angst, excitement and even fear among CrossFitters world wide. Some workouts suited some more than others. The weights got heavy or handstand pushups threw a roadblock, for some it was toes to bar – its a level playing field.  The open has this uncanny knack of exposing chinks in the strongest of Armour, it exposes weaknesses that were not yet uncovered.  This is my 9th year associated with the open and by far in my opinion the best programming to date. It was broad, challenging yet inclusive to all that decided to give it a go, from the firebreathers, first timers and masters athletes.

We had 50 people register this year which is up by almost 20% from the 2019 open in March. We had many newbies that decided to take the plunge and trust their fellow members and coaches that it would be challenging yet enjoyable. It was encouraged to be apart of the community and enter in this thing we call “the open”. It was promised that these first timers would come out the other side of 5 weeks better for the experience. Just entering is an achievement in itself.

At the end of the 5 Weeks as I sit back and write this I look back on some amazing performances. My top 4 in no particular order

1. The three Masterkeers (musketeers) Marg, Jan  and Kerry.  Each week these three threw caution to the wind with no workout fazing them. They were determined to give there all no matter what was throw their way and have a red hot go they did. Only a handful of reps seperating the 3 of them week in week out. These ladies also were among the fittest of the scaled Category within their respective ages.

Australian Leaderboard
Marg – 1st Scaled Division (60+)
Jan – 3rd Scaled Division (60+)
Kerry – 6th Scaled Division (55-59)

2. Community
The atmosphere was great each and every week. We had people judge that weren’t even attempting the workout that night but just purely came to help out. We have an amazing community that just keeps getting better and better.

3. The Battle of the top spot and friendly rivalries
Its true with what they say that “every rep counts” in the Mens leaderboard there was only a handful of points separating the top 5 each week. With the overall lead going back and fourth between Joey and Mitch. Mitch looked strong to snatch the crown until failure to attempt 20.4 brought his undoing. This opened the door for Joeys older brother Mick to snare a 3rd spot podium

1st Joey 10pts
2nd Pete 17pts
3rd Mick 26pts

On the ladies side of the leader board it took 5 workouts to find a winner with the top spot clinched in 20.5 by Sarah.  The lead changed hands 4 out of 5 weeks with 10 points separating 1-4

1. Sarah 16pts
2. Alana 18pts
3. Megan 20pts

4. The OMG Moments


Over the course of the 5 weeks people achieved some pretty special things.
1. First Toes to Bar
2. Thrustering dumbells never tried before
3. Deadlifting an untried weight
4. Achieving first Handstand Pushup or more than ever before
5. Just doing the Open
6. First muscle-up
7. New PB Clean & Jerk
8. First Pistols after never even trying them or been too scared to.
9. Just the shear volume of work perhaps never completed or done in a workout
10. All those who normally would choose to scale and went Rx’d on a couple of WOD’s

So that’s a wrap of the 2019-20 Open. I hope everyone involved had fun and has taken away a few gems from their experiences. Thank you to everyone that helped setup, judge, change plates, family members for being supportive and each and every members.

Coach Rob

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