Reasons why you should join a CrossFit Box

These days the Fitness industry is highly saturated with an abundance of fitness options. Everything from Bootcamp’s (which appear to be popping up an every second corner), Challengers (4,6,8 and 12 week varieties), Functional Fitness Classes even to your spin, pump and body attack classes. There is nothing wrong with any of these. In fact, each serve a specific purpose to a variety of different people. All aim to get people moving.

So why join a CrossFit box?

Firstly, lets start with the why. The aim of CrossFit as with many forms of fitness is to improve fitness. By fitness meaning to increase one’s work capacity across a range to different time and modal domains. This is done by constantly varying the stimulus across functional movements at high intensity. A good exercise regime should encompass variety. Variety by way of movements, body parts, time frames which in turn effects the energy system the body uses to burn fat as fuel and. Routine is the enemy.

No consecutive programming days are the same. Never can you get bored, a good box’s programming should combine shorter high intensity workouts with longer more aerobic pieces. It should use Running, Rowing, skipping, Biking and even swimming. It can couple these with weighted movements which is anything that add loads to the body or just simply using your own body weight for things like push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Not every day is a testing day or one where participants workout till they are left in a puddle of their own bodily fluid. Some days are harder than others. The aim is to overload not over reach.  Large compound movements should be programmed but not have an over focus such as Squatting, Dead lifting and pressing. Repetitions should be mixed between low, medium and high. Any monkey can make some feel ill. This is no longer the gold standard nor should it be commended.

CrossFit Boxes around the world share a unique culture unlike any other form of fitness. At the end of the class when you get a high five looking someone in the eye there is a sense of camaraderie that you have done the same workout. The intensity for each individual is relative they know how you are feeling and vice versa. The community is like a family created by like minded people which that is inclusive, supportive and fun. A good community within a box is driven from the top. It’s a one in all in mentality. Decisions made a for the greater good of the majority not just the fittest within the gym or the strongest or the ones that have been there the longest.

Movement Quality vs Quantity
Crossfit prides itself upon the Mechanics/Consistency model. Get the mechanics right, show a high level of consistency with the mechanics and only then can you add intensity. Intensity coming in the way of reps, sets, load, distance, time frames. This movement quality is highly dependent on the coaches and the standards they set for everyone. Everyone wants to do the high skilled or “Sexy” movements everyone wants to lift the heavy stuff. Do you have virtuosity? Doing the common movements uncommonly well. This is Mantra that every coach/trainer/fitness leader should be encouraging. What good is doing 100 half push-ups when not 1 perfect one can be achieved?

Cheapest isn’t always Best
CrossFit isn’t the cheapest form of fitness around nor is it the most expensive. What you get when you attend a CrossFit class is you are paying for an individualised, coach led group class specific to your current needs. Not paying for the name. Coaches are provided with necessary education and training tools to ensure each member maximizes the opportunity for success on a daily basis.  Within a Crossfit class like no other we can factor in your fitness history, goals, current level of ability to ensure you get a tailored workout specific to your needs.

Exercise Program vs Sport
CrossFit over the past few years has come to a fork in the road. One path is the road to CrossFit  the “exercise regime” set upon improving the health and well being of millions of people worldwide. The other path is that of CrossFit the sport or the Sport of Fitness as it is commonly known. This is an outlet for those folk looking at testing themselves competitively against the very best. There are local and National individual and team competitions, comps whereby affiliates compete against other affiliates and online competitions culminating in the CrossFit Games each year.

Before you commit to anything in 2020. Do your homework, does the fitness establishment rant that they are the cheapest or do they portray they are the best. The difference will blow you away. 




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