Chasing Goals, Not Nuggets

Chase Goals, Not Nuggets

Here’s why you come to a box and be coached

In todays world there is an online program for everything; weightlifting, nutrition, gymnastics, conditioning pieces and even 1000’s and 1000’s of WODs some good some not so good.

This can be overwhelming. A lot of it looks—or sounds—good.

You can’t do it all, and trying to do too much will actually set you back.

Everyone at some point may have heard the term overtraining. Overtraining is a term when an athlete ignores the continued signs of biting off more than they can chew and continues to train without adequate rest or recovery. Improvements may stall and performance might decrease, so the athlete pushes even harder often ending up in injury or getting sick. We’re all scared of getting injured or sick becuase that means modified training or a layoff. But most don’t realize there’s an optimal amount of training to do, just as there’s an optimal amount of food to eat and an optimal amount of sleep to have

Too little, and your progress will be slow. But doing too many workouts has the exact same effect.

CrossFit is our preferred training method at Output for multiple reasons, it’s a great balance, we provide quality coaching in an environment that supports all members and is conducive to achieving positive results. A lot of time and effort goes into ensuring training loads and volume are managed. But even as hard as CrossFit workouts are, many people are tempted to do more: to add a little “Lifting or Gymnastics in,” or even to do multiple workouts in a day. This is NOT the path to success. Unless there is a plan in place!!!

More is NOT better. Better is better.

At Output we have a team of coaches that can tailor specific programming to individual needs. Let that coach be your guide, your fitness sounding-board of sorts.

Your coaches can provide advice to tell you what’s optimal, not what’s minimal and maybe what’s counter productive

At Output, our coaches want to talk to you every 3-4 months. One-on-one, in person. We want to put you on the scales, do a body fat % scan, check your blood pressure ask about your goals, review your progress and then give you the best possible prescription.

We don’t want you to try fad diets just because someone else is doing them. Maybe that pre-workout isn’t the best thing for you. We don’t want you squat everyday just because Dave Lipson did back in the day. ally: Follow your own guide. If that’s 60 minutes per day make it the best hour of your day and give 100%. Don’t do something just because it works for someone else.

You have a coach/es – Use us.

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