Nic Stanier

Name: Nicole Stanier

Nickname: Nic

CrossFit Lvl 1
Currently Completing Cert 3
Pilates Certification (hours pending) Pilates Institute of QLD

Training Background

Throughout high school, I enjoyed athletics and touch football. Safe to say I’ve always been active, prior to my intro to CrossFit in 2011, I was known to give anything a go from Belly Dancing to Bootcamp.  

I was introduced to CrossFit by a previous Fitties staff member who I actually went to school with.. She asked me to come to a class on New Years Day.. All I remember from that day was being ridiculously hot, having the wrong shorts on, and the bands from the pull-up bar giving me burns on the insides of my legs (they were the fattest band in the gym haha)

CrossFit has always kept me on my toes.. I never get bored, the workouts continously change, and most WODs take me out of my comfort zone. That’s what I love the most about CrossFit.

Training Philosophy

I don’t know if I have a training philosophy…. Personally I just try and be active everyday.  I come to class and compete with myself.  I am my own worst critic.

Hobbies & Things you didn’t know about Nic

I love to dance and love 90’s RNB
I have an obsession with Unicorns and anything Rainbow and Sparkles.  I played Saxophone for 9 years, after deciding to learn because of Lisa Simpson on The Simpsons.




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