Rob Innes


Name: Rob Innes

Age: 39

Nickname: Berto

3rd Year (currently) Bachelor Sport and Exercise Science
Level 2 AWF State Coaches License
CrossFit Coaches prep course (now level 2)
Certificate 3 in fitness
CPR + First Aid
Advance Kettlebell & Battleropes Lvl 2
CrossFit Kids Certified

Training Background:

Affiliate Owner for 8 years.

Throughout my primary schooling I took up tennis which I competed in various tournaments around Sydney up until the age of 12. At the age of 10 I also coupled that with Rugby league. 

Gave competitive tennis up at the age of 13 to pursue my love of RL as we moved to the sunshine state at school also played union. I played football for 9 years until injury and career, forced my hand to stop. I have since played the odd game with my last being 38 years old. I have experienced a short course triathlon and even been selected to represent Australia in the 2015 Masters for weightlifting in Japan. At my best I was off about a 12 handicap at golf.

I was one of the sceptics back in 2009 intrigued by this fitness concept called CrossFit. I was have been fortunate enough to compete both in NZ & US as well as local comps around the east coast of Australia. Multiple injuries have plagued my progress. Now its just something to keep me active.  

Training Philosophy

My passion these days is as a coach. I believe anyone cannot wear both hats. I enjoy passing on my knowledge and sharing my experience with keen, enthusiastic and coachable people. I believe quality movement superseeds capacity and should be the base of movement within the sport. 

Hobbies & Things you didn’t know about Rob

I have a coffee addiction, I enjoy a beer, and round of golf.
I have a thirst for knowledge about things i’m passionate about.
I like good food, I like to experiment with cooking
I like fashion, I hate camping, fishing and roughing it.

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